Persona non grata with diabetes


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"An understanding of diabetic emotion over life defining moments. Bridging the gap between professional understanding and who we are."


"If all 371,000,000 of us #diabetics jump up and down at the same time, we can shake the world into understanding. Every Thursday @ 19:00 GMT share!"


"I tell you how messed up diabetes is: the medical community actually looks at you funny when your blood sugar is level. - He must be cheating, they think to themselves."


Back cover

I wrote this book because I kept getting ill and the hospitals could not make me better.

I wrote this book because they kept telling me to make myself better, but I couldn't and my world fell apart.

I wrote this book because I'd lost four good jobs already, and I kept finding myself in the street not knowing who or where I was.

I wrote this book because the Diabetes Industry kept telling me just to have some more insulin.

Then they told me things were a lot worse than I ever could have imagined. – So I figured things out and I made myself better. I wrote this book for you.


Interview with the Author

How did you come up with the title?

The title is a reaction to the development process, in which a reader reacted with difficulty to the working title 'The Big D: life as an everyday diabetic,' at which point I became aware of the absurd politically correct term, 'A person with diabetes.'... continue reading





Strength and determination*****

Honestly? It had me crying and it had me laughing out loud. I identified and empathised and sympathised. I felt the authors pain, his anger, his frustration, his sense of achievment and his total and utter desolation. I was diagnosed like him as a teenager in Glasgow, I injected through my jeans, I drank alcohol too much and too often and suffered the inevitable highs and lows... continue to reader reviews

Joanna Traynor, 22 March 2014


"Through the course of ten years in the publishing industry,

it is rare to pick up a manuscript that one can instantly relate to while yearning for more and Paul Cathcart has accomplished this feat in Persona non grata with Diabetes. Whether you suffer from the consequences of diabetes or enjoy reading, this self portrait will engulf and consume you as this writer expounds on a life complicated with diabetes along with the trials and tribulations of everyday life while facing his disease. A real day to day view of a diabetic’s real world life from Paul’s personal perspective sheds light in this must read narrative. This book is not only for diabetics but for the whole world. A true must read." continue to professional reviews

Derek Raulerson, 22 October 2013

The truth of living with Diabetes, “You Are Not Alone”

Official Press Release

Explained with Honest Wit and Real World Experiences ... continue reading


Diabetes, the real FAQ

What is diabetes? How do you care for your diabetes? Diabetes, what should I eat? When is the cure for diabetes coming? ... continue reading




Free Chapters

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Blood sugar test strips. My cat swallows these.  
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