Carefree? When was the last time one of us felt carefree?

Neuropathy creeping in over your legs, shooting pains into the soles of numb feet; no amount of antidepressants is going to win, no elevated feet or Deep-Heat are going to defeat the inevitable.

Eye screening clinic, results are in, it’s far from good news. How many more times can they hack and gouge those mistaken blood vessels before all gets dark?

Clammy forehead, weak, shaking, losing focus; those were the good old days. Nerve damage, heat, collapsed in a heap: family and neighbours always close at hand? How long till you diabetic coma in the bath?

What if? What if there was a rewind button and you could go back to being that healthy, happy, rejuvenated diabetic, taking it all in your stride? If you knew then what you know now and you had the chance to reset?


So here is the trade-off. One year. One year of your life: no scary tubes or surgery for you to worry about, you will be perfectly sound asleep. Placed into a medically induced coma and monitored / assisted into 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days of perfect blood sugar, allowing for your body to mend itself under deepest hibernation. Nerve endings reaching, eyes clearing – worries all gone, when you are nudged gently and stirred from slumber.

Perfect health for a loss of time; nieces and nephews have grown a few inches, family member passed away, friends and colleagues all but forgotten you, relationship has moved on with your best friend. But for a blink of an eye you are fine; you are carefree; would you do it?

  • Lois marygold

    I would do it! One year isn’t that long if I could feel carefree even for one day! What a beautiful concept

  • marianoare

    No! I must be lucky as I don’t have any of those symptons. Just weak teeth is my only problem