What is diabetic emotion?

While I respect the wish-list deliverable of a ‘diabetes cure‘ and observe growing concerns over a global diabetes time bomb, I can’t help but feel the actual reality of diabetic understanding (not diabetes) continues to evade us.

“For us diabetes amplifies everything; if you feel just-not-right then broken blood sugar will make it wrong, as alcohol does an alcoholic; every bone of contention, every pulse of ill will, slight upset or lull, every wave of exhaustion and misunderstanding all amplified. Deformation of sadness, doubt, and dependency; symptoms lost in a bigger world, it leaves us wilting. We push on.”

Hello World!

I want to get better.


Paul Cathcart, Author of ‘Persona non grata with diabetes.’


  • yorke.rodda

    Hi Paul
    The little I have read is just so so good. The emotional side is, I guess, one of the main keys to overcoming. I want to get a good handle on not only the physical but also the emotional, mental, spiritual and community (relationships) side of diabetes. Thank you so much for ‘reaching out’ to me and being part of my +google.

    I am a South African … and lived in the UK for 10 years (first in Ealing, London for 7 years and then in Bristol). I stumbled into the world of diabetes about 5 years ago while in the UK because I needed a job – and applied for a job as “Medical Photographer” – and it turned out to be a diabetic retinal screener. I loved the work … I love to try to help people who have diabetes … and back in SA the only work I could get was to work as a volunteer as a Diabetes Educator at a state hospital. Slowly I am now getting my ducks in a row to set myself up as a Diabetes Educator /Counselor. In a week or two I hope to start a website/blog and feature stories like yours that are so useful not only for people who have diabetes but also for people like your boss who would be a much better person and more effective manager of people if he took the trouble to listen.

    God bless