Diabetes, FAQ

What is diabetes?

That’s the question people ask when they don’t particularly care. It’s a lazy question, posed to you a billion times without purpose and answered sans concern.  Resulting in the same outcome, never benefitting you the diabetic. Well the answer is that the person asking doesn’t want an answer. It’s a media click and a bosses’ quip.

How do you care for your diabetes?

Questions, for questions sake, by the lazy. ‘Why don’t you know the answer, you are the diabetic. Well I suppose it’s not all your fault, but until you get better you are not of equality to the rest of us.’ Unless they care, they really don’t care.

Diabetes, what should I eat?

As an adult, it’s entirely up to you really. It depends on how much insulin you are happy pumping into your body on a daily basis and how happy you are near collapsing in shopping centres as all the meds kick your ass in one go. As the parent of a child with diabetes (not me you), my God my heart goes out to you and I do not know for the life of me why you are not getting better support and free prescriptions at least till they reach the age of 16. Other than you live in a country where your Government give more love to Big Pharma and Private Insurance than they do their own next generation of population.

When is the cure for diabetes coming?

That’s the question that steels hope from our hearts and money from our pockets. Buy into this idea, partake in that event: pilfering away at our concerns for loved ones on research and development grants (back handers) but never delivering the fundamental solutions to a system holding us down. How can a pack of blood sugar test strips cost more than a PAYG (US Burner) mobile phone? That’s a better question. Why hasn’t the 10’s and 100’s of millions of charitable cure money, donated by those who can least afford it each year, found a simple and cheap solution to this?  And when they do find the worlds’ most profitable cure for the worlds’ most profitable disease, who shares in the spoils? Hope is very profitable, I think is the answer to this question.

I think this has all been covered a million times. Where we really have to start looking is into the emotional state of the diabetic, particularly in regards to the emotional trauma of persistent fluctuating blood sugar, hormones and fear of what’s ahead. Bear in mind that insulin is a hormone and as such, we as diabetics do suffer a hormonal imbalance, which infects into every instant of our lives, from personal, private and professional. Anyway, I have written a book about it and how we push on.

Paul Cathcart, Author of ‘Persona Non Grata with Diabetes.’ Google it! (Also check out our diabetes group Diabetes Anxiety) P

P.s. You are not alone my diabetic brothers and sisters.


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