Why did I write this book?

Why is it that if people see you sitting around reading all day they think you are intelligent and respectable, yet when these same people see me sitting around writing all day, they think I am a layabout?

A few statistics for those who wrongly presume I am profiteering from my book:

Time spent on project: 4.5 years

Loss of earning in the process: 4.5 x £50,000 = £225,000

Cost of household bills to cover my cost of living: 4.5 x £25,000 = £112,500

Total cost so far of writing and releasing book (not including printer paper, ink etc.): £337,500

Chance of recuperating costs: ZERO

Why did I write this book? Because I believe what I have been through has to be shared out loud, in an opportunity to communicate shared experience, instilling us with a confidence and knowing that we are not alone. Because only through a rightful understanding can we share a just responsibility.

Was it worth it? Hell yes!

To hear your feedback and know that I have been able to help a single one of you http://www.pngwd.com/readerreviews.html

The world can’t ignore us for much longer.

I am going to make them sit up and take notice. Oh, and I get to live 15 years longer.