Understanding Diabetic Emotion  
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"My bible that sits by my bed for when I think no one else understands."


"Diabetes Is Not A Blue Circle, Diabetes Is Blood Red."


"This book is a diabetic dream."


"I tell you how messed up diabetes is: the medical community actually looks at you funny when your blood sugar is level. - He must be cheating, they think to themselves."


"I wrote this book for you."


"Growing up, coming to terms, and living through the complications of diabetes."







Big thank you to the first one thousand people who bought the book! That's a thousand of us feeling the same, and I certainly don't feel alone.


Let me read to you on YouTube. YouTube


Costs the same as a cup of coffee and free on kindle unimited. Store Links


"An understanding of diabetic emotion over life defining moments, bridging the gap between professional reasoning and who we really are."





square point Preface
square point Heads, diabetes
square point Tails, diabetic
square point Succumbing to the D
square point How did this happen?
square point Dating, late 20's
square point Love
square point The talk, human resource
square point The three bears
square point Sugar levels ill, sugar levels well


Blood sugar test strips. My cat swallows these.  
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